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5211 Azul

Overall Rating: 8/10

Age: 8+

GLAM Age Range: 6-Adult

Number of Players: 2-5

Playing Time: 20 min

Publisher: Next Move

Complexity: Low

Available At:




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Quick Take: The rules for the game are in the name! Draw a hand of 5 cards then play 2, play 1, and play 1 again. Majority color wins unless the roosters trump them! This has the exact same rules as standard 5211 but with a fun Azul theme. Exact same rules as regular 5211 but with an Azul theme. This game works just as well with 2 players as it does with 3, 4, or 5, although it gets a bit more chaotic as you add more people. You can control how the game will go much more when it's fewer people, there's a lot more luck involved once you get to 5 people playing. 

How to Play: Collect the most points. Everyone starts with 5 cards and picks 2 to lay down face down on the table, count to 3 and then reveal at the same time. Draw cards to get your hand back to 5 and then repeat that process but with 1 card. Draw and repeat with 1 card. At this point each player has 4 cards face up on the table and the first thing you do is check the number of rooster cards. There is a chart in the rules but depending on the number of players in the game, if there is an exact specific number of roosters then those are collected into everyone's separate point piles. Otherwise, the majority color is collected and the rest of the cards are discarded. If you go over a certain number of cards (also noted in a handy chart) then the majority is discarded and the next highest majority is collected. Once the cards in the draw pile run out you play a final round and then total up your scores. Highest score wins!

Variations: You can make the game run longer by establishing a point total that you're playing for - first to 50 or first to 100. 

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